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Retour à Séoul
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Come back to Seoul

Christophe Calais

athlète Athletics course Perec run running

Un mot sur l'oeuvre

In 1988, Marie-José Perec is a very young athlete. She won for the first time the 400m few months before the Olympics, where she will be dismissed in the quarterfinals. In 1991, three years later, she will become the world champion before being Olympic champion over the same distance a year later in Barcelona and twice Olympic champion (200/400) at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.

Le témoignage de Christophe Calais

She was completely upset about her coming back to Seoul in 2012. It was like a coming back to the recklessness of her youth. A coming back to a place, where she discovered her first big competition. She enjoyed every minute of her race, with less pressure than the Olympics games of 1989 where she was one of the big favorites.

Le choix de Jean-Denis

This long travel to Corea and this coming back to the olympic stadium, was like a flash back for her. To live again a time where her dreams were in front of her.