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The competition

Gérard Uféras

body building culturisme Uféras

Un mot sur l'oeuvre

This image is from one of Gérard’s first features at the beginning of 80s . He was 28 years old and had just given up business to go back to studying photography. As well as the teaching aspect, each student was encouraged to work on their own projects. Gérard discovered the world of bodybuilding through a friend whose father owned a bodybuilding accesssory shop, and who published a small magazine on the subject. Gérard was fascinated and spent several weeks covering the competitions as well as behind the scenes. His friend’s father was impressed by the images and published them in his fanzine. This is a scene in one of the locker rooms at a bodybuilding competition in Paris.

Le témoignage de Gérard Uféras

This is what I wanted to do from the outset : choose a world, immerse myself in it and tell it from the inside. Incredible images can often come out of this approach. Both the art and sports worlds blew me away from the start, fascinated me. They both share the intense relationship that unites the artist with his discipline.

Le choix de Jean-Denis

It is one of Gérard Uféras’ first images and yet it already contains what forms the core of his talent. His capacity to see better and faster than others. The empathy and discretion in his work enabling him to capture funny, quirky moments. His ability to produce perfectly constructed images from such fleeting moments. Gérard Uféras sees life in 24x36.