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Joost Wensveen




Joost was born in 1967 and grew up in Wassenaar, a small Dutch seaside town. He discovered photography in his high school photo club by taking his first photos, and developing his first prints. This initial contact was the beginning of a mad passion. The fact that he wanted to develop and print his own photos limited him to black and white for a long time. He favored black and white as it gave him control over the whole process. It was digital photography, with the possibilities it offered, that finally led him to colour. Joost is self-taught and also an economist. He is always interested in manipulating images to create new realities. The arrival of digital photography mechanically broadened the range of his options. At first glance, his images often seem totally realistic. It is only after detailed examination that you realize you are looking at a creation. By combining several images he intensified the atmosphere that was already ther. His “Statues” series is directly inspired by realist painters such as Carel Willink. The street and scenes of daily life are also his territory, a reality that he transforms, but whose spirit he keeps.

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