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Espen Rasmussen



Espen was born in 1976 and grew up in a media family. His father was a reporter and his mother a typographer. They often talked shop over dinner in the evenings. He started writing pieces and taking photos for the local press when he was 16. He is now based in Nedodden, a small town near Oslo. He is a photographer, but not only that… he is also Senior Editor at VG Helg, the weekend magazine supplement of Norway’s main daily paper, VG. He does this because photography, and not just his own, is his passion, and because he wants to be close to home (he has three children). Espen always has personal projects on the go, concentrating on the human element, upheavals and great changes in the world. Since 2008, the year in which he was named by the Photo District News as one of the emerging photographers, he has accumulated prizes and awards (World Press, Picture of the Year etc.). He is also a teacher and shares his passion for photography at Oslo University and in photography schools. He is very active in the main photography festivals. He is represented by the prestigious Panos Agency.

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