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Chiara Dazi



Chiara Dazi was born in the Italian Po valley. She studied foreign languages and received a degree in communication sciences at the Università di Bologna with a thesis on the German Ostalgie, or nostalgia for the former GDR. After working for three years at the archive of the agency VU’ in Paris, she moved to Berlin and then attended the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie. She is interested in European issues, how we deal with borders, collective memories, and the influence those have on identities; mainly approaching her subjects with empathy and a regard for intimacy. After an essay in Moldova (EUrope: paysage de frontière) as the country became the limit of EU, a road trip along the former internal border in the new German Eastern regions (Wolkenstores), she worked on Into the Blue, about the German soccer team 1. FC Magdeburg, his fans and the leftovers of the history turning outs in the newly-formed German states. With I love you 4 she enters the daily life of a family in Anfield, the area which was the heart of the legendary FC Liverpool stadium and the dock workers of Liverpool. This started an ongoing series on working class families whose stories she is collecting over the years around Europe. She graduated with her project Wandertage about the German tradition of the traveling craftsmen and women, and is currently researching on different forms of collective living in Germany and border-crossing sports communities in the Republic of Moldova. Italian mother tongue, Chiara fluently speaks and writes English, German, French and Spanish, while currently learning Russian.

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