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  • Tirage jet d'encre sur
    Hahnemüle Photo Rag 310g par Jean-Luc Denoix du studio AJL (Paris) sous le contrôle de l'auteur.

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Gilberto Perin

Brasil Brésil football Perin

Un mot sur l'oeuvre

In Brazil, the popular and universal nature of football has raised this sport to a mythical level constituting contemporary Brazilian identity.
Gilberto Perin chose to reveal « a world that is unknown and closed to both supporters and media ».
These images also invite the « torcidas », groups of often violent supporters who alter, through their behaviour the communion between players and public, to show respect for these « workers of football ».
His fame comes more from the immense national success of his 2012 exhibition on football locker rooms, a behind-the-scenes look at the national sport, shown in São Paulo’s Soccer Museum, than the awards he has won. The exhibition had more than 600,000 visitors and made a name for him throughout Brazil. The magnificent art book of the exhibition which combined his photos with beautiful texts by two talented Brazilian writers, João Gilberto Noll and Aldyr Garcia Schlee, who also happens to be the creator of the « camisa da seleção » - Brazil’s national team strip – only increased his success.
Author print size 60X90 actually exhibited at the Porto Alegre (Brazil)

Le témoignage de Gilberto Perin

I made a conscious decision to keep away from the clichés of the idols, of players who are wealthy and world-renowned, of the « seleção brasileira », of the world cup. I chose the little-known Pelotas club which was struggling to move back up into the premier league after the accidental death of three of its members.
This club, which bears the predestined name of Grêmio Esportivo Brasil, is a real metaphor for Brazil, with its players from ten different states.
In order to portray the private life of this group of players, I chose to make an « invisibility pact » with them, so as not to interfere with their daily lives in the locker rooms. So it was with the utmost freedom that, for four months, I captured the expression of these players, portrayed the esthetic and emotional vision of these anonymous men, in times of utmost tension, sharing their joy, pain, exaltation after a victory, despair after a loss. The joy, pain, religiousness, the drama experienced by an injured or sent off player, are all realities that become accessible to supporters and spectators thanks to the magic of the image.
I chose to reveal a world little-known to supporters and media.

Le choix de Jean-Denis

A world little-known to supporters and media, it’s true. Well, only for those who have never played football. Because, on the contrary, these images, will resonate in the present or the memory of all the many Sunday players. These images show football’s universal nature. You hear the sound of studs on tiles, smell the heat cream, walk on plasters stuck all over, and this is true everywhere. All locker rooms look the same and give off this feeling of intimacy, conviviality, preparation or digestion of this group adventure.