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  • Tirage pigmentaire sur papier Ilford baryté réalisé par Yonnel Leblanc du laboratoire Initial.

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Philippe de Poulpiquet

guerre lybie tripoli war

Un mot sur l'oeuvre

"The Fall of Tripoli". Tripoli, August 23, 2011. In the burning bunker of Gaddafi, fallen
In the hands of the insurgents, a man armed with two Kalashnikovs pushes a balloon.

Le témoignage de Philippe de Poulpiquet

Le choix de Jean-Denis

2012 POYi Excellence Award (Picture of the Year / USA)

The balloon is just a detail, a sports accessory. But this balloon that an armed man pushes in the flaming Kadhafi bunker gives an extraordinary strengh to the image and underline the existence of 2 worlds. Completely unusual, powerful ! A richness documentary picture !