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Patricio Albacete
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  • Size : 30 x 30 cm
    Edition of 8 (+ 1AP)
    Print on sale : N°1/8 : 880 €

  • Size : 60 x 60 cm
    Edition of 2 (+1AP)

    Print on sale : N° 1/2 : 2200 €

  • Inkjet print by Photon (Toulouse)

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Patricio Albacete

Clément Poitrenaud

joueur Player Rugby Stade Toulousain

About the image

Clément started a project in 2015, called "Motio", a serie of portraits of his teammates from the stade Toulousain, to let a memory in his story of player and man.

He worked with Stéphane Giner, shows another side of his new talent. The art of light a person, of showing something from her, an emotion, a feeling and her ability to keep the moment with his style.

The great American portraitist Richard Avedon said that a portrait is not simply a photo, but an opinion, it's completely what Clément did in this serie of pictures. He worked with the energy and the personality of his teammates.

A book published with the help of Peugeot, a faithful sponsor of Stade Toulousain, was prefaced by Richard Dumas, a sign that he already has the recognition of his new peers.

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