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  • Tirages argentiques réalisés sous le contrôle de l'auteur par Isabelle Menu.

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Olivier Le Brun

Africa Afrique argentique Enfants foot de rue kids silver print

Un mot sur l'oeuvre

Olivier Le Brun has never been able to pass a field or a simple playground without stopping to photograph budding footballers. To find a little of his childhood and this magic of the simple pleasure of the game.

The series of photographs presented in the catalog is from the book "Football Balloon Ball Ballet" (Yellow Book Editions, Les Carnets collection).

Le témoignage d'Olivier Le Brun

"Budding footballers have grandiose stages: the Betsileo resistance mountains and the Ambalavao market in Madagascar; the desert plains of Djibouti on the Ethiopian road, the sand of Tadjoura and the Obock warehouses where Rimbaud was preparing his expeditions; the red walls of Timbuktu; the Dogon villages; the courts of the Swahili palaces of Moroni; the old Anjouan essential oil factories; Joal on the "Small Coast" of Senegal, and Fadiouth the island of shells facing it; the mango trees of Bamako and the palm trees of Kisangani; the area surrounding the Martyrs Stadium in Kinshasa; the small trading towns of Luoland in Kenya and Kibera, the gigantic slum of Nairobi ".

Olivier Le Brun (excerpt from the text "With the way" in introduction to the book "Football, Ball, Balloon, Ballet" (Editions Yellow Now).

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