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  • Size : 40X60 cm
    Edition of 6 (+ 2 AP)
    Print on sale : N°1/6 : 660€

  • Size : 50X75 cm
    Edition of 1

    Print : N°1/1 : sold out

  • Size : 60X90 cm
    Edition of 3 (+ 2 AP)

    Print on sale : N°1/3 : 1650€

  • Size : 80X120 cm
    Edition of 1 (No AP in this size)

    Print on sale : N° 1/1 : 4400€

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Cristina Aldehuela et Jordi Perdigo

B&W georgie NB sport traditionnel

About the image

"Lelo" comes from this collaboration between Cristina and Jordi. Each of them works and then they put together their ideas and their points of view.

Cristina Aldehuela et Jordi Perdigo's account

"It's very exciting but at the same time, it's a lot of conversations to end up with something that must be like us. It's a beautiful way to keep on working. We feed each other."

Jean-Denis chose it