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L’albatros (3)
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  • Tirage réalisé par
    Jean-Luc Denoix du studio AJL sous le contrôle de l'auteur.

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The Albatros

Pierre-Emmanuel Rastoin

France golf Golf course Rastoin

Un mot sur l'oeuvre

The Albatros is Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines’ showcase golf course. In 2018 it will host the Ryder Cup, the most important golf tournament in the world. Hubert Chesnot, ex-director of the French federation and designer of the course, says that it is a theatre where, except during the week-long French Open every June, anyone can come and play and test their golfing skills. This image shows the 2008 final of the French Open. The stands are set up at the 18th hole.

Le témoignage de Pierre-Emmanuel Rastoin

Every year, a while ago, L’Equipe Magazine gave a different photographer the freedom to portray the French Open in any way they liked. There were no rules or regulations except to portray the most important French golf tournament through their own eyes. I was over the moon to inherit the privilege in 2008, and to follow on from such prestigious names as Luc Choquer and Eric Bouvet. Even more so, as it turned out to be the last time. I discovered both the sport and the tournament and was inspired. The location is magnificent and the atmosphere incredible.

Le choix de Jean-Denis

The venue is magical, you feel as if you are in a real golf stadium. The panoramic format adds to the feeling of grandeur and magnificence. Simply spectacular.