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Green et bunker
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    Encadrement sous plexiglass (procédé Diasec) inclus dans le prix.

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  • Tirage réalisé par Jean-Luc Denoix du studio AJL sous le contrôle de l'auteur

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Pierre-Emmanuel Rastoin

Bunker golf Green Maroc Rastoin

Un mot sur l'oeuvre


 In 2010, a Moroccan daily gave Pierre-Emmanuel Rastoin carte blanche to shoot a photo a day during the Rabat golf tournament. He suggested breaking totally free from tournament news and the event itself, and concentrating on small details instead. This image is part of the project.

Le témoignage de Pierre-Emmanuel Rastoin

During those few days on the magnificent Rabat golf course, I made the most of the freedom the newspaper had given me in order to treat the subject in a totally off-beat way. I didn’t go anywhere near the tournament or players and chose to use the play of light and colour to illustrate the competition and pay homage to the place and the sport itself.

Le choix de Jean-Denis

This is Rabat, but it could be anywhere. Welcome to the world of PER (Pierre-Emmanuel Rastoin), a world that is often garish, whose post-production is always sophisticated, where each thing can be isolated from its original context and exist purely esthetically. I love the mysterious and totally graphic side to this photo.