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  • Tirages jet d'encre sur Hahnemühle Fine art réalisé par Jean-Luc Denoix du studio AJL
    selon les références de l'auteur.
    Signés par tampon sous le contrôle de Nina Gripe, fille et ayant droit de l'auteur.

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Patrick Gripe

Algérie fans football Gripe Supporters

Un mot sur l'oeuvre

(REF : PGRI002)
It is the 10th October 2009, clients in a café in the Belcourt neighbourhood of Algiers are watching the match between Egypt and Zambia on the café’s television. Egypt is The Fennecs’ (Algeria’s national team) main rival at this stage in their bid to qualify for the 2010 World Cup.
The stakes are high as it is the first World Cup to be held on African soil.
Egypt have just scored the first goal.
Algeria qualified a few weeks later during a very tense play-off against Egypt in Khartoum.

Le témoignage de Patrick Gripe

Christophe Larcher’s account, special correspdondent for L’Equipe Magazine.
Patrick got excited every time we went to Algiers. We went to immerse ourselves in the popular frenzy surrounding the Fennecs’ road to the 2010 World Cup. To explore the White City. We would go from a kids’ game in Bab El-Oued to a training session at Algiers’ Mouloudia Club, from meeting a Bologhine supporter’s club back to a bistrot in Belcourt…

Le choix de Jean-Denis

These faces can be read like an open book.
The tension, stakes, despair and mad passion of these Algerians for their national team is visible, each person reacting differently. It’s the perfect illustration of Liverpool’s legendary coach, Bill Shankly’s, mythical quote which has been proven right time after time : « some people believe that football is a matter of life and death. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that ».