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Pierre-Emmanuel Rastoin



When he was 19 he borrowed his father’s Olympus OM2 to take on holiday to Spain. He also took two Ekta 100 rolls of film. It was the beginning of his adventure.

At 20, he studied medecine during the day, on his mother’s advice, and worked as a steward on sleeper trains at night to earn some money. While working there he met a bunch of photography mad people who brought him back to his first love. He dropped medecine in his 6th year and set himself up as a photographer.

Drawing on his experience as a retoucher with French magazine, Télérama, and as a photographer with the French digital revolution magazine, Transfert, he has built up a style that combines both great creativity and total technical mastery making this ex-dabbler in images an important portrait photographer and journalist.

Ses dernières photographies