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  • Format : 50X75
    Edition de 12 (+ 2 AP)
    Tirage en vente : N°1/12

  • Format : 67X100
    Edition de 8 ( + 2 AP)
    Tirage en vente : N°1/8

  • Tirage jet d'encre sur
    Hahnemüle Bright White 310gsm.

    Réalisé par le laboratoire E-Novate (Perpignan) sous contrôle de l'auteur.

  • Prix : 990€ (50X75) et 2200€ (67X100)

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    +33 6 60 07 30 63

Colors X

Jérémy Bernard

Bernard colors couleurs neige ski snow

Un mot sur l'oeuvre

What is it ? An overall project born in the minds of the Falquet brothers, film directors and skiers. Who with ? They worked with Jérémy Bernard, one of the best photographers in the skiing world. Where ? The heights above the Swiss village of Les Marécottes, at an altitude of 2,300m, which offer a breathtaking view of the Matterhorn, was their backdrop. Who else ? Jérémie Heitz, a professional skier on the freeride circuit. Firstly, colour areas of fresh snow with the help of natural pigments and then ski over them to shake them up. After, or rather at the same time, immortalise the performance through photography. There is no retouching work, these images are a split-second of reality.

Le témoignage de Jérémy Bernard

« This whole thing started four years ago. For the requirements of a promotional film on our very own Trient Valley, my brother, Loris, and I were looking to illustrate, in the most original way possible, why it is so amazing in our eyes. The unique idea of coloured snow seemed like an excellent metaphor to us ». Nicolas Falquet.

Le choix de Jean-Denis

You can spend hours thinking about the project, its approach, its message… To finally just let yourself be carried by works that, in their creative process, aren’t that far removed from outsider art. To start with, a slightly mad advertising project that became an incredible artistic adventure. A thousand problems skirted round, solved. A tenacity verging on the obsessive to produce thirteen works, whose graphic beauty and poetry take you on a journey.