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Corinne Dubreuil

beach by coco ocean sky surf

Un mot sur l'oeuvre

Cote des Basques beach, Biarritz, 2016.

Le témoignage de Corinne Dubreuil

On the occasion of a report on a women's surfing event in Biarritz, I spent a week on the Côte des Basques beach. A real thunderbolt. I love so much this place that I use to come back as soon as possible.
I found there the original pleasure of photography. The place, the lights, especially at the time of the blue hour, this brief but beautiful moment where the day is no longer the day but not yet the night.
As soon as I have a moment, I go on this beach to collect images and to witness the beauty which is offered to me and I like to share it. This project, "by Coco", is my breath.

Le choix de Jean-Denis

This is a tribute to this place discovered as faithful as possible.
There is no intervention on the chromium.
Corinne watches the light, waits for it and keeps coming back to the place until the light is rough, natural and magnificent.
She wants to transmit not what the beach would be but what it is.