jean denis walter

The story of Jean-Denis

I am mad about sport from my teenage years when I was immersed in my mother’s world as a picture researcher. My career combines these two worlds. I was Head of Photography, then Editor-in-Chief at L’Equipe Magazine, then went on to design and produce Hobo by L’Equipe, a documentary photography feature magazine on sport. For the 15 years that I worked in the Equipe group, my experience and knowledge of this pictorial world grew on a daily basis. Photos speak to me, and I know how to listen to them.

At the end of my career with L’Equipe last year, I decided to set something up based on my skill and genuine passion for photography, and in particular, sports photography. I also wanted to make the most of the ties I had developed with the photographers I admire and who trust me. So it was a natural and obvious step to share this passion by opening a gallery.

Jean Denis Walter, Director of the Gallery
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Hélène Demicheli, Curator & exhibitions production manager
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The concept of the gallery

Each photographer whose work I syndicate has an unique style. Some specialise in one sport, some don’t, but each shows a personal, rare and esthetic view of the special world of sport. The photographs that I have chosen explore many styles. They are the result of a passionate but level-headed choice. They are certified, signed and numbered, limited edition prints, a guarantee from the photographer and the gallery that they are not more copies, they are the ‘real’ thing, the original work, and purchasing them is an investment as well as a pleasure.

Important : Buying an original print does not confer on the customer the right to produce any image or reproduction, to publish or submit for publication, or exhibit the Artwork to any third party for any purpose without written consent from the author.
All photographs featured on this site are protected by copyright and any reproduction is strictly prohibited.