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  • Tirage pigmentaire sur papier Hahnemühle baryta par Jean-Luc Denoix

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Ahmet Sel

afghanistan Kaboul NB portrait

Un mot sur l'oeuvre

Photo réalisée en 2001, à Kaboul, juste après le départ des talibans

Le témoignage d'Ahmet Sel

Mohammad Faiaz (left) and Momtaz Faiaz Abbassi are twins. They are in their last year of high school, but spend all their free time at boxing practices. Mohammad wants to be a doctor, eventuall; his brother, an engineer. The sons of a Ministry of Agriculture civil servant, they trained clandestinely during the rule of the Taliban, because it was “forbidden to strike a visage created by God.” They wore turbans and studied the Koran. Their idols are Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson. (Kabul, 2001)

Le choix de Jean-Denis