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  • Inkjet print on baryté paper by Central Dupon (Paris)

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Julien Poupart

combat NB rabadan Stade Français

About the image

European challenge, Stade Français Paris / Cavaleri
13th december 2012, at MMA Stadium (Le Mans, France)

Julien Poupart's account

Jean-Denis chose it

A symbolic photo for this Stade Français native (17 seasons). Even though he was trained in his hometown club of Aix-en-Provence, he went to the Stade Français when he was 18, growing and flourishing in Paris, in the shadow of the Parc des Princes. This is a symbolic photo as Pierre Rabadan is a fighter. RA-BA-DAN, three syllables that echo like a staccato announcing the charge. He had an immense career at the service of the club, which ended with a title last June. For lovers of Stade Français, obviously, but also because it is simply a great image of a battle.