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Men II
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  • Size : 40X60
    Edition of 6
    Print on sale : N°2/6 : 990€

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    Print on sale : N°1/4 : 1750€

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    Edition of 2

    Print on sale : N°1/2 : 3850€

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    The AP are the Author's print.

  • Inkjet print on baryté paper by Central Dupon (Paris) under control of the author's family.

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Men II

Michel Birot

Birot NB

About the image

The Cape (South Africa), 4th July 1998. Springboks vs. England (18-0)

Michel Birot's account

Jean-Denis chose it

It doesn’t really matter which match it is. The image goes way beyond that. It is just a magnificent rugby photo. It portrays everything about the battle, about self-sacrifice to the point of exhaustion. About respect too. Absolutely essential.