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Martine Voyeux


To start with, a father who was passionate about images and gave her her first camera, taking her to art and photography exhibitions as often as he could. Later on, not knowing whether to chose between writing and images, she took a degree in literature and cinema. Shortly after that, when she was freelancing for the French newspaper, Le Quotidien de Paris where she wrote an art column, she realised she was going to have to choose once and for all ; that nothing good would come out of spreading herself thin : « I was suffering with the writing, I liked the before and after, but not the during, whereas I really enjoyed each photography shoot. On top of that, I have always needed to be physically in the real world ». Her decision was made and riding the wave of her enthusiasm and passion, she managed to convince magazines, including some of the most prestigious, to put their faith in her.


Having co-founded the Métis Agency, a 15-year adventure, she is now a freelance photographer. She likes in-depth subjects and ceaselessly explores Mediterranean countries, a favourite theme enriched by her pieds-noirs ancestry. She has published numerous books, regularly exhibited and her work graces many public and private collections. She also runs workshops in France and abroad because, on top of all that, she has the talent and taste for teaching.

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