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Bike Kill
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  • Tirage jet d'encre sur papier Photorag Hannemühle baryta 315g, 100% coton réalisé par le laboratoire Cyclope à Paris sous le contrôle de l'auteur.

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Julie Glassberg

B&W Cycling Cyclisme Glassberg NB USA vélo

Un mot sur l'oeuvre

Slaughterama, Virginia (USA), summer 2011. This photo comes from the brilliant feature by Julie on The Black Label, a freak bike club. The photo shows a Bike Kill joust. It’s an annual event organised by the club to get all the members together and help them keep in touch. Created in Minneapolis by bike-mad people, it has spread all over the States. Whether punks, grunge or modern hippies, they all prefer to live a cooperative lifestyle, and have a DIY philosophy in response to capitalism and frenetic individualism. They make and recycle as much as possible, but their best productions are the bikes, double-deckers or tall bikes, that they weld themselves. The jousting tournament is the climax of their annual meetings. Two opponents perched on their strange machines and armed with PVC lances, charge at each other carried along by the roar of their supporters.

Le témoignage de Julie Glassberg

I‘ve always been interested in unusual people, alternative and underground culture. I discovered the Black Label club in a film. I managed to locate some of its members after a long search and started the project. It took me a while to get accepted and to really start being able to take photos. I started off by befriending one of its members, Stinky, who helped me by lugging me around with him. It reassured the others to see that he trusted me. For the first few weeks I didn’t take my camera with me and just settled for spending time with them. That really helped improve relations. I was no longer the girl who took photos, I was « Frenchy ». In the end I spent two years with them. In photojournalism school they teach you to be invisible, a fly on the wall. But for this kind of feature and this environment it was impossible. If you don’t give a bit of yourself, you’ll get nothing in return. First and foremost it is a project about human interaction.

Le choix de Jean-Denis

I discovered a world that I never suspected existed. Her depiction of this atmosphere is prodigious, the composition perfect. Everything comes together to tell a whole story. It’s like being in a Ridley Scott film. A real shock.